Round “D” Island

Round "D" Island

We will be travelling on land to visit some of Tobago’s most famous Waterfalls, some of the best beaches to swim and snorkel and historic sites.

Personal charter also available: You tell us what you want to do and sites you would like to see and we can put together a package for you!

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Time: 09:00am – 5:00pm

Buccoo Reef Tour WITH Rum Party and Beach BBQ on No Man’s Land

Buccoo Reef Tour WITH Rum Party and Beach BBQ on No Man's Land

This tour operates on a Wednesday and Saturday ONLY 10:00am to 4:30pm

Holiday makers have the opportunity to taste our local dishes and local fruits, with fantastic music and limbo at the beach lime. You will have the opportunity to do some fantastic snorkelling, swim and party in the Nylon Pool before docking at No Man’s Land for a Beach BBQ.

This is a FULL DAY tour and the price includes transport and pick up and alcoholic beverages. 

Bioluminescent Planktons – Tobago

Bioluminescent Planktons - Tobago

Bioluminescent Planktons – Tobago

Bioluminescence is a phenomenon caused by flourishing phytoplankton. These microscopic organisms react when aggravated, in an otherworldly display of light emittance.

This is truly something to witness and experience, and there can be many surprises along the way.

Jump in or casually walk into the warm, inviting water… it does not matter. While swimming, every move you make will be expressed through light. 

Note to non swimmers: You must get into the water to experience the glow, as it only occurs when the plankton react to your movements. The water is completely safe and usually very warm. Life jackets, safety rope and life preserve ring are provided, so you can enjoy it worry-free.

Buccoo Reef Tour – Tobago

Buccoo Reef Tour - Tobago

Buccoo Reef Tour – Tobago

First Stop – Buccoo Reef

It’s time now to free your mind and explore the underwater world of the beautiful Buccoo Reef! Board a large, covered, glass bottom boat that allows you to see the colourful fish and coral formations of the reef through the glass. Enjoy the soothing ride along the picturesque coast; the breeze is truly refreshing. You can see angel fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish and many others. Marvel at the brightly coloured plants and sea shrubs in the lush coral gardens where you will find both hard and soft coral species. The next stop brings you to the most exciting part of the tour – snorkelling! Feel the excitement of swimming among exotic fish in the soft waters of the Caribbean Sea. Snorkel equipment is provided. The friendly captain and staff will assist if required.

Next Stop – Nylon Pool

The boat journey continues until it is time to stop at the amazingly beautiful Nylon Pool. Paradise is found! View this shallow, sandy area in the middle of the sea; the water is crystal clear and very inviting. Here, you’ll be able to swim again, take a walk on the soft seabed or simply float – all along enjoying the beautiful vistas of the coast. The legend says that the Nylon Pool has the power to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Feel the warm, tropical water on your skin! The boat is equipped with life jackets, masks and snorkels at no extra charge.


Final Stop – No Mans Land

Located near the Bon Accord Lagoon; this unique beach is called No Man’s Land. The Bon Accord Lagoon is fringed by mangrove wetlands and an important habitat for many species of bird. Because of this wetland the whole area is accessible only by boat, making it popular destination for Island boat tours and snorkelling. You will have the opportunity to purchase food on the island and local treats from this stop.

Horse Riding – Tobago

Horse Riding - Tobago

We currently offer our trail-swim combination. This special 2-hour experience is a joyful one for both horses and riders, including first-timers who have never spent time with horses. Excellent guidance and instruction make it possible for all riders to be at ease.

After introducing the horses to our guests (at which point each rider chooses his/her ‘team partner’ horse), we take everyone through Buccoo Village, past the goat race track and through the wetland mangroves to the beach FOR A LONG BEACH RIDE to the END of Buccoo BAY where we then swim with the horses along the shore.